The 11th IEEE International Conference


October 6-8, 2021, Delhi, India

Workshop on Motion Capture and Localization


Organizers: Alice Buffi(1), Antonis Dimitriou(2) , Christian Carlowitz(3) , Yongtao Ma(4) , Andrea Motroni(1)

1 University of Pisa, Italy, 2 AUTH University, Greece, 3 FAU University, Germany, 4 Tianjin University, China

This workshop will host researchers and engineers interested in the emerging technologies and applications for wireless motion capture and fine-scale localization, particularly as they relate to Smart Industry, Smart City and Smart Society. Workshop presentations will explore, but not limited to, technical issues relevant to these emerging areas:

Topics Include

• Localization and tracking in Industry 4.0
• Localization enabling Smart City
• Wireless Motion Capture in Smart Society
• Navigation and tracking for Smart Agriculture
• Localization for tags and readers
• Novel tracking methods
• RFID-based navigation
• Hybrid methods
• SAR and radar-based techniques
• Indoor localization and Multipath mitigation
• Outdoor localization
• Signal processing for RFID-based localization
• Machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence enabling novel RFID localization systems
• Real-time localization

Submission Information

You may submit paper manuscripts for peer review to be included in this workshop through EDAS (; please follow the paper guidelines and deadlines for the IEEE RFID-TA 2021 ( We welcome other contributions as well, including lightly reviewed abstracts for talks, tutorials, and/or demonstrations. For questions and contributions, please contact the workshop organizers: Alice Buffi (, Antonis Dimitriou (, Christian Carlowitz (, Yongtao Ma ( or Andrea Motroni(

Check the IEEE RFID-TA 2021 conference website ( for announcements, conference program, and more. Participation and attendance in the MoCap Workshop are included for IEEE RFID-TA 2021 registrations.
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